Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aiming with Crosshair + Version Control +SP Level

Aiming with a Crosshair

The major thing I've done since the last update is implement the code that allows the user to aim around the level using a crosshair. All they do is position the crosshair on the screen where they want the projectiles to land, and let loose torrents of destruction. Right now it just works for the Shock Rifle, but it should be a trivial task to add the functionality to *most* of the remaining weapons. Redeemer alt-fire will probably pose its own challenges.

Version Control

I've set up a subversion account on a server and now have version control for the mod. This would be an even bigger bonus if someone else was working on the code with me, but at least if I break something I'll have something to fall back on and I can easily show other people my code if I need to.

SP Level

Made a basic outdoor level to run around in and test things. Fun!