Saturday, December 02, 2006

Clockwork Instructions

Instructions to Install Current Version of Clockwork

  1. Get the latest build from:
  2. Extract to your UT2004 directory, preserving directory structure. I would do this by moving to your UT2004 directory, right clicking, and selecting "Extract Here".
  3. Click "Yes to All" if prompted to overwrite.

To Play Clockwork

You will need to make a copy of your shortcut to UT2004.exe that includes the option "-mod=Clockwork"

  1. Copy your existing shortcut to UT2004
  2. Right click the copy of the shoutcut, click properties
  3. Change the Target field to include the "-mod=Clockwork" option
    • For example, mine is:
    • C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -mod=Clockwork -WINDOWED -LOG
  4. Hit OK then double click your new shortcut

Instructions to Add Monsters to your Clockwork Levels

  1. Open UnrealEd
  2. Click on the pawn at the top to open Actor Class Browser
  3. File -> Open Package -> select and open Clockwork.u
    • Now in your actor list you will see SPActors
  4. To add a monster that is there when the level starts::
    1. In the actor browser, select SPActors -> A_MonsterSpawnAtStart
    2. Right-click the floor where you want the monster and select "Add A_MonsterSpawnAtStart Here"
    3. Double click the new spawn to change to type of monster that is spawned
  5. To add a triggered monster spawn::
    1. Repeat steps 1-3 above except using the class A_TriggeredMonsterSpawn
    2. In the actor browser, select Triggers -> Trigger
    3. Right-click the floor where you want the player to trigger the monster spawn and select "Add Trigger Here"
    4. Double click the trigger, go to Events, and set the Event field to a keyword like "spawn1"
    5. Double click the A_TriggeredMonsterSpawn, go to Events, and set the Tag field to the same thing as the corresponding Trigger's Event field ("spawn1 in this case)
    6. Done! If you want to avoid a mess of monsters though, you should double click the trigger again, go to Trigger, and change bTriggerOnceOnly to true.

Make Your Level Show Up in the Map List

To see your level in the Map List after you start the Clockwork mod as shown above all you need to do is save the map with the first 2 letters of the map name being "CW" in the ...\UT2004\Clockwork\Maps directory. For example:
  • C:\UT2004\Clockwork\Maps\CW-MonsterTest.ut2
  • C:\UT2004\Clockwork\Maps\CW-Test.ut2